How it works

We help sporting clubs and charities grow, and thrive, by connecting them with local businesses to make a positive impact in their community.  10% of service providers’ earnings will go to your nominated club or charity!

We do all the hard work for you. Here’s how:


We connect

We connect members and followers of sporting clubs and charities directly with local businesses though our online service request form.


We promote

We assist clubs and charities in promoting the use of services provided by Your Community Partners service providers to their members and followers.


Referrals made easy

Upon completion of requested services by our service provider, Your Community Partner will forward a referral fee to the nominated club or charity

For our efforts, we charge a small fee directly to the services provider on successful completion of the requested service.


Here’s the flow of the process

Services requested via our online "Service Request" form

YCP received serivce request and allocates to appropiate Service Provider

Service Provider contacts clients directly to provide requested service

Clients pay Service Provider directly upon completion of serivce and per invoiced value

Service Provider pays YCP the agreed referral fee

YCP receives referral fee from Service Provider and passes on the funds to the nominated club/ charity

Support a local club/ charity
anywhere in Australia

Available Services